Firsts for everything

2015-08-12 14.39.54-2So today marks the first day of blogging!  Yes I realize I am significantly behind on the eight ball with this new found revelation of mine, however its taken some convincing to jump on the illustrious band wagon and take to the blogging world.

Whats my blog going to be about, I hear you ask…  Well honestly I am not even sure of that myself.  I have simply decided that the ramblings of a young professional with two small pint sized dictators (those being my children) should be shared and in some sense of the word allow me the freedom to express the daily trials and tribulations that working full time and having kids entails… Not to mention the husband (where do I start there).

So lets start with some introductions, my name would be a good place to begin right?  Yes of course, well OK then my name is Charlie I am almost 30, yes almost but not quite willing to let go of the notion that my twenties are swiftly passing me by and that in a couple of years time I could be brushing grey hairs out of that wondrous mop of hair on my head.  Lets be honest if old age doesn’t get me, then my kids damn well will!

Where was I, oh yes so I work full time for a consulting company in Australia, at the moment I am not entirely sure what my profession is but I know I do a little of everything and somewhat unorthodox I am into technology and not just installing the latest version of windows onto my machine.  I actually have a deep seated passion and love for all things Exchange, who doesn’t right?  Lots of people love it right??  Ah yes so some of you won’t actually know what this is, suffice to say that it is a little product dreamed up by Microsoft to make email easier.

I won’t bore you with the details of all that is wonderful about Exchange today, but know that my blog will be filled with some of the adventures that Exchange and I travel on, not too mention the many arguments that we will have… many, many of them, I’ll always come out triumphant though because as any good man will know his wife is always right.

Onto other subjects as work is work, children.  The tally is 2, there will be no recount, no additions and definitely no plans to increase that number.  I both love and loath my kids, they can be the smiling faces that absolutely make my day or they can be the whole bag of flour poured all over the floor littered amongst a heap of shredded toilet paper that my somewhat old and rather silly dog decides is a good place to roll over and then fall asleep in.  Generally speaking I get at least one feel good feeling a day from my children and that’s usually enough to sustain me and get me through the never ending “No’s”, the refusal’s to eat soup because all of a sudden my 3 year dislikes the same soup that he told me was delicious yesterday or the complete lack of sleep that I have endured for the last 3 years.

So a very short introduction to the staus quo of my current life, I feel like its been brief, too brief….  Lets chat some more soon.



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