offCAT – All you need to know (Office Configuration Analyzer Tool 2.1)

So here I was drinking my morning tea and working out what my day has in store for me, mostly studying and then more studying as I am sitting my Office365 exams when I came across an email linking to this potential gem – offCAT or Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool.

The Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT) 2.1 provides a quick and easy way to analyze Microsoft Office programs for known configurations that cause problems.

I love applications like this which make my job infinitely easier and allow me to get a more granular understanding of what is happening under the hood!


This is an output of the report I have run on my Outlook application and as you will see from the screenshot, offCAT has picked up a number of issues that are present.  There is a decent breakdown of these issues in the right hand window pane which gives us some further information.

I particularly like that you are able to export the report and email it, which is helpful if you need to get a second set of eyes on a potential issue.

Moving further along the tabs, we see that there is a configuration option which again I really like.  It gives us a fairly decent overview of the current setup and provides us with some feedback by way of the little icons to indicate whether we should review the configuration for certain settings.


The other aspect of this application which is rather helpful is when the install completes, a new menu option will appear in the ribbon called “offCAT” this allows you to detect problems from within the application itself.  Nifty eh?!


So there you have it, I’d highly recommend that you download this little piece of Microsoft goodness and have a play with it.  This is a nice new addition to my already quite extensive toolkit which I will be sharing over the coming weeks / months /  years, who knows its an ever evolving landscape!

Anyway keep reading my stuff!


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